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MOSAIC is unique software that allows the user to create mosaic tile designs using standard tile offerings (no cutting required!). MOSAIC allows you to create tile designs just like the commercial design houses, but at a fraction of the cost! MOSAIC is so simple to use, and runs on any PC - see System Requirements. You'll have fun even if you have limited experience with computers!



Pattern Making Simplified - One of the great things about designing on a computer is the fact that you can easily copy, paste, delete, flip, mirror and rotate sections of your design. These options give you the freedom to use parts of your design in other designs, replicate small sections of your design for borders, patterns, etc., and create your own library of images and motifs. With MOSAIC, you select your design size, tile brand, and the number of colours to be incorporated in your design.

Use the links below to find out more about the three different editions of MOSAIC.

About Mosaic Pattern Maker  About Mosaic Designer Edition  About Mosaic Publisher Edition