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MOSAIC Pattern Maker

MOSAIC Pattern Maker is created for the tile enthusiast who wants to create a portfolio of borders, patterns and accent designs. These design elements can be combined to quickly create personalised mosaic tile designs to fit any application. This software program simplifies tile designs, and offers opportunity to create unlimited design options.

Create Designs From Any Brand of Tile, Any Type of Tile - As with all our programs, MOSAIC Pattern Maker designs can be created using any type of tile (porcelain, ceramic, marble, glass, VCT, Carpet), any size of square or rectangular tile and any brand of tile.

Create Personalised Designs Easily - MOSAIC creates Opus Regulatum designs, that is designs that are placed in straight rows and columns. These designs can be created entirely from square uncut mosaic tiles if desired, thus making mosaic tile design easy for anyone to accomplish. The program includes tools to add diagonal tiles in the design as desired.

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