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MOSAIC Designer

MOSAIC Designer Edition incorporates all the tools of our Pattern Maker Edition. MOSAIC Designer is for anyone who wants to be able to create photo-like mosaic murals just like the masters.

Photo Conversion - MOSAIC Designer's photo conversion feature allows you to convert any image into a mosaic tile design. You choose the design you wish to incorporate (it may come from a fabric swatch, a piece of wallpaper, a child's drawing or a photograph), the overall size of the final design, and the type (ceramic, glass or marble) and brand of tile you want.

The photo-conversion feature can convert any picture into a digitised image. It then compares the colours in the picture to colours available in your selected brand of tile, to create a mosaic pattern that replicates the picture. These designs can be created from any brand of tile, any type of tile.

Colour Technology - MOSAIC Designer provides colour matching enhancements to assist the designer in the elimination of unnecessary tile details, without the loss of desired resolution. You can even change the colours of the original image to better match your decor.

Trace-Over - With MOSAC Designer, you can import any image and trace the design in tiles. This allows you to incorporate elements from a swatch of fabric or wallpaper directly into a flooring border; recreate a favourite photo as a bath surround; you can even incorporate a company logo in a building's foyer. MOSAIC Designer imports BMP, JPEG, TIFF, WMF, TGA, PCT, PSD and PCX files.

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