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MOSAIC Design Tools

MOSAIC software has a full set of design tools that make your designing experience a pleasure. Tools in MOSAIC include the zoom tool, full and fractional tile tools, text tool, eraser tool, fill tools, and many more such as ...

  • Draw single tiles, tile blocks, lines, borders, rectangle, or oval shapes
  • Universal eraser or single colour eraser tool
  • Crop design, add clip bits or save clip bits
  • Flood and variegated fill (random mix) tools
  • Full tile, diagonal tile (plus quarter tile, offset tiles, horizontal & vertical tiles in the Designer and Professional Editions)
  • View & print simulated tiles
  • Plus many more…

Zoom Tools

Use the zoom tools to view your chart at many different  zoom levels and in different modes such as color, symbols, and simulation.


Cutout Tool

The Cutout Tool is often used in conjunction with the Edit menu options to cut and paste section of a design.


Tile Tool

You can use the Full Tile tool to place tiles one at a time or in draw in freehand shapes and lines.


Tile Eraser

The Tile Erasers remove full and fractional tiles. You can erase small or large areas easily by changing the tool size.


Tile Shape Tools

Shapes can be drawn easily with the Tile Shape tools.


Fill Tools

With the fill tools you can fill any closed shape or area with a selected color, fill any closed shape with a random arrangement of selected colors, and  erase all the tiles of one color in any closed shape or area.


Fractional Tile Tools

In Pattern Maker use the fractional tile tools to place diagonal tiles. In Designer and Professional Editions use the fractional tile tools to draw half, quarter and offset tiles.


Border Line tools

The Border Line tools allow you to manually place a border (i.e. a thin line) around a chart or around a label.

Designer and Professional Editions feature the ability to add and erase arrows and centre lines.


Label tools

The Label Tools allow you to place an area of solid white on your chart so that text placed on it will be more legible. You can choose whether or not this label has a border line around it by selecting the appropriate icon.

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